Nuraghi Trail

One of the eleven trails crossing the gorgeous territory of the Ogliastra Heels shows the famous Nuraghi, in particular the one of Serbissi.

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Do not miss the magnificent Nuraghi while hiking the eleven trails that cross the gorgeous territory of the Ogliastra Heels. To be able to see them, just follow this itinerary that will take you on a discovery tour of these amazing monuments of Sardinia’s ancient civilization. The Sentiero dei Nuraghi (Nuraghi trail) touches on different panorama point where you can admire the ruins of Urceni and Orruttu but also the Heels landscape and the Gennargentu Mountain. The 17 km of this trail are a journey through nature, history and the history of an ancient civilization. The trail starts from Pizzu ‘e Taccu near the border with the forestry site of Taccu of the Sardinia Forestry Corps. To reach it, go to the village of Osini, district of Nuoro at the heart of the Ogliastra territory. From there, follow the signs to the Scala di San Giorgio (Staircase of San Giorgio), a famous gorge of the area. Continue then on the way to the plateau until Pizzu ‘e Taccu.

The itinerary develops on a dirt loop road and can be done in both directions. It is accessible to everybody as it does not present specific challenges.

Continuing in counter clock wise direction towards the North, after a short walk, you will find a panorama point over the valley of Rio Pardu. Continue on the trail to reach the gorgeous Nuraghe Serbissi, while towards South you will find the cave of Su Lioni. After a few kilometres, the trail reaches the second Nuraghi tower of Urceni and, continuing towards the plateau, the spring of Funtana Urceni where you will be able to observe the ruins of the Roman settlement. Before heading back to the starting point, the road, now paved, will pass by two more Nuraghi: the Sanu and Oruttu ones.

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